Facebook Application Development Contest

The Information Systems area in the Naveen Jindal School of Management sponsored a Facebook application development contest for high school students this summer. Students from around the country participated over a 45-day period to develop and promote a Facebook app. Sunena Dahlvani received the most “Likes” and won the contest for her app called ThinkTee , a socially responsible app for selling T-shirts. The app receiving the second-largest number of “Likes” was Click the Pen, developed by Owen Cook, who learned “how quickly things can go viral if one is able to spread it to enough social circles.” Ross McNulty and Daniel Kline finished in third by combining their technical and business skills to build and promote the UT Dallas Web App, an app providing information about UT Dallas. To recognize their significant accomplishments, the top three participants received prize money of $1,000, $500 and $250.