2014 MS in Accounting Degree FAQ

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  • Regarding Fall 2014 Changes
  • Please note that our MS Accounting degree plan and program prerequisites beginning for admissions in Fall 2014, are different than in the past.  All documents and items required for your application can be found here.

  • Can I be admitted without the prerequisites?
  • Absolutely! If you meet the other requirements for admission to the University, you will receive a regular admission, not conditional admission. The difference is that you will be required to take any prerequisite courses that are missing in addition to the courses in the MS Accounting degree. Thus, your degree plan will be more than 36 credit hours.

  • Can I apply or be admitted if I don’t have an accounting or business undergraduate degree?
  • Yes! You can apply if you do not have an accounting or business undergraduate degree. Based on the amount of accounting courses completed prior to beginning the MS Accounting program, you may be required to take additional classes.

  • If I don’t have an accounting or business undergraduate degree, how many extra accounting hours do I have to take?
  • The total additional accounting hours for each student will vary based on their background and prior classes. The total requirement can be as few as 3 credit hours to as many as 13 credit hours. 

  • Why is UT Dallas requiring these new prerequisites?
  • We consider these classes to be the fundamental base knowledge in accounting and will ensure you have a solid foundation of accounting to move into the Masters Level advanced classes.

  • How many total hours will I have to take?
  • All students will be required to take the standard 36 credit hour program PLUS any prerequisite classes that a student may be assessed. If you have not had any accounting classes prior to this degree plan, it could take 49 credit hours to complete your degree (the 36 hours for the MS Accounting degree plus the 13 hours of fundamental knowledge).

  • What are the required prerequisite courses?
  • The required prerequisite courses are listed below.  You should have these classes or their equivalent.

    • ACCT  3331/ 6330 – Intermediate Accounting I – 3 credit hours
    • ACCT 3332 / 6332 – Intermediate Accounting II – 3 credit hours
    • ACCT 3341 / 6331 – Cost Accounting – 3 credit hours

    Note that the Intermediate Accounting classes should have been presented in English and have focused on the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

    If you have not had any introductory or basic principles of accounting classes you will also need to take the following classes  before you can move to the Intermediate Classes listed above.

    • ACCT 2301 / 6201  - Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • ACCT 2302 / 6202 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting 
  • Why the changes?
  • UT Dallas students entering the work force with a Master of Science in Accounting are asked to perform their work at a higher level and cover a broader range of business aspects. As the workforce and the associated CPA Exam requirements and other certifications evolve, we seek to enable our graduates to be equipped for success in their future jobs and on the related certification exams.

  • When does this change take effect?
  • The changes take effect in the Fall 2014.  Any student who begins the Master of Science in Accounting program in the Fall 2014 or later will be under this plan.

  • Does this impact UT DALLAS Fast Track students?
  • Yes! Many UT Dallas students have previously Fast Tracked ACCT6332 – Intermediate Accounting II, however since this course is no longer part of the Required Accounting Core and is now a prerequisite, it is no longer advantageous for the student to Fast Track this class. This will impact students potentially Fast Tracking in Spring or Summer 2014, the timing is based on the semester the student becomes active in the Graduate program.

  • Why does it say proposed degree plan on the website?
  • The degree plan is considered “proposed” by the University until the official catalog is reviewed.  We do not anticipate any changes to the Fall 2014 changes as presented here.

  • Does this impact students changing from another degree plan?
  • Yes!  If you change degrees during your time at UT Dallas, the semester that you become active in the new major determines the applicable catalogue and degree plan.  Students changing to the MS-Accounting degree starting in Fall 2014 and thereafter will be under the new requirements of this degree.

  • Does this impact students adding a double major of Accounting?
  • Yes!  If you add a major during your time at UT Dallas, the semester that you become active in that major determines the applicable catalogue.  Students adding the MS-Accounting degree starting in Fall 2014 and thereafter will be under the new requirements.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
  • Contact our MS Accounting team.

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