Master of Science in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting degree program is a leader in developing the skills professionals need to deliver the core services the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants identifies as fundamental to the future of the profession. Students have the opportunity to focus their studies in the areas of corporate accounting, assurance services, taxation, internal audit or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/SAP systems, or to choose from our various graduate accounting courses to develop their own focus. Additionally with a robust offering of online programs, student may choose to attend courses in person or online.

Note: To apply for this degree program, an undergraduate business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome). See our degree plans listed below. [Summer 2014 and earlier] and [Fall 2014 and later]

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Beginning Fall 2014, the proposed new MS in Accounting degree plan and program prerequisites will be slightly different. Additional information is available in the Degree Plan – Fall 2014 tab below. In regard to program prerequisites, if a student has not demonstrated mastery in the listed courses, then those courses must be taken at the graduate level at UT Dallas as additions to the courses in the MS degree plan.

Student Involvement: While enrolled in the program many students enhance their education with involvement in one of our many student organizations. With many organizations to choose from a students are able to strengthen their leadership and networking skills. Visit our student organization page for more information.

CPA exam: Upon completion of the MS degree in accounting, students may sit for the Uniform CPA Examination, provided they meet the requirements. For more information, review our CPA FAQs.

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Accounting is the language of business, and at UT Dallas you can be part of the conversation. With one of the largest MS Accounting programs in the state of Texas, we have an amazing selection of both online and on-campus course offerings. Our flexible program allows students to tailor their degree to their specific academic and career goals. Students can choose electives to prepare them for careers in corporate accounting, assurance services, taxation or internal audit, or pull from several of these areas to best fit one's needs.

With an internationally recognized business school, a top-ranked Center for Internal Auditing Excellence and the strong international makeup of our students and faculty, our MS Accounting program prepares students to compete in the global marketplace. We value our students and work with each student to develop a plan fit for them. We offer one-on-one advising, business coaching and many other opportunities to interact with faculty and program staff.

I hope that you will join in the conversation.

Jennifer Johnson
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The following degree information is for students admitted to the MS in Accounting degree program in the Summer of 2014 and earlier. View the Summer 2014 & Earlier Degree Plan.

Program Prerequisites (Degree credit is not earned for program prerequisites. Deficiencies must be remedied during the first semester of the graduate program.)

  • Prerequisite knowledge in calculus is a requirement for the program. A deficiency in calculus may be remedied by completing Quantitative Foundations of Business (OPRE 6303) with a grade of B or better.
  • Students must have completed Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 6201) and Introduction to Managerial Accounting (ACCT 6202), or their equivalents, with a grade of B or better.

Required Business Core (12 hours)

  • MECO 6303 – Business Economics OR FIN 6301 – Financial Management
  • ACCT 6343 – Accounting Information Systems OR OPRE 6302 – Operations Management
  • OPRE 6301 – Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business
  • ACCT 6344 – Financial Statement Analysis

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Required Accounting Core (6 hours)

Accounting Concentrations (18 hours) Select from concentrations below or develop your own personal concentration.

Proposed for FALL 2014 and thereafter:

The following degree plan for the Master of Science in Accounting is effective for those student admitted to the program beginning FALL 2014 and later.View the Fall 2014 & Later Degree Plan



Beginning students must have equivalent knowledge of the following accounting subject matter. Each student’s application and transcripts will be evaluated for successful mastery of these subjects. If a student has not demonstrated successful mastery in the listed courses, then they must be taken at the graduate level at the University of Texas at Dallas in addition to the 36 credit hours required for the degree. Any prerequisite courses taken may not be used as Graduate Accounting Electives in the standard MS Accounting degree.

  • ACCT 3331 / 6330 – Intermediate Accounting I (US GAAP based / in English)
  • ACCT 3332 / 6332 – Intermediate Accounting II (US GAAP based / in English)
  • ACCT 3341 / 6331 – Cost Management Systems / Cost Accounting


Additionally, prerequisite knowledge in calculus is a requirement for the program. A deficiency in calculus may be remedied by taking Quantitative Foundations of Business (OPRE 6303), with a grade of B or better. Degree credit is not earned for the calculus prerequisite.

Required Business Core (12 hours)

  • OPRE 6301 – Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business or OPRE 6332 – Spreadsheet Modeling
  • MECO 6303 – Business Economics or FIN 6301 – Financial Management
  • ACCT 6335 – Ethics for Professional Accountants
  • ACCT 6388 – Accounting Communications

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Required Accounting Core (9 hours)

Graduate Accounting Electives (15 hours)
Select 15 semester credit hours of graduate accounting courses.


  • These courses have specific course prerequisites.
  • ACCT 6353 has a course prerequisite of ACCT 3350/6350 (Fundamentals of Taxation I)
  • ACCT 6382 has a course prerequisite of ACCT 4334/6334 (Auditing)
  • If a student does not have the necessary course prerequisites, ACCT 6350 and ACCT 6334 may be taken at the graduate level as a Graduate Accounting Electives in the standard MS Accounting degree.

Online Graduate Program

The Accounting area offers several courses online. These online courses are available to all students whether they are doing most of their coursework online or on campus. Students can complete all of the requirements for the Master of Science in Accounting degree 100% online.

Students who are preparing to take the CPA exam should be aware that the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy requires that 15 of the 30 hours of accounting required to sit for the CPA exam must be completed on campus. Students residing outside Texas should check with their respective State Boards of Public Accountancy to learn the requirements for sitting for the CPA exam.

The titles of the ACCT courses that are taught online are provided in the table below. The table also indicates when the courses are expected to be offered as well as if the courses qualify for credit toward the 30 hours of accounting or 3 hours of ethics required by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Get detailed information on admission requirements and how to apply

The MS in Accounting program does have some program prerequisites. See the degree plan tab for details on these prerequisites. See our degree plans [Summer 2014 and earlier] and [Fall 2014 and later]

If you have questions about the transfer of credits from prior coursework, please visit the JSOM Advising office for more details.

Admission FAQ may also be helpful to you.

Application Deadlines

U.S. Citizen and Permanent Residents

International and Visa Applicants

Fall Deadline: July 1st
Spring Deadline: November 1st
Summer Deadline: April 1st
Fall Deadline: May 1st
Spring Deadline: September 1st
Summer Deadline: March 1st

When You Submit Your Application

Please be advised that UT Dallas receives about 10,000 applications per semester. When you apply for the MS Accounting program and send your required and official documents, UT Dallas digitize your documents and upload them into the system, which takes about 3-4 weeks.

Since, it takes about a month to process your application, you may receive an email generated automatically from our system, stating that you are missing a few documents. This is normal, be patient and keep your communication with the MS program director regarding the status of your application.

Steps After Your Admission to the MS Accounting Program

  • Please read your acceptance letter. At the bottom of your letter, there is a 10-digit number, this is your UTD ID number (keep it safe).
  • Set up your Net ID and password. You will use them to log into UT Dallas applications and campus computers. To set up your Net ID and password, go to Click on Setup a new UT Dallas computer account, and follow the instructions. If you need help contact the UT Dallas Help Desk at (972) 883-2911 or email.
  • Accept your admission offer. There is no deadline, but you should do this as soon as possible if you intend to join the MS Accounting program.
  • Go to the Galaxy home page. Log in, using your Net ID and password. Click on Orion Student Center, located under the Orion Self-Service link. At the bottom of the Student Center page (in the admissions section), click on the Accept program or Decline link and confirm your acceptance. (If you have been offered admission to more than one application, you will need to follow these steps for each offer). Please note: it may take up to two days for you to gain access to many items listed below.
  • Begin using your UT Dallas email account (it is called Zmail).
  • Log into Galaxy. Click on Zmail Login.
  • Go to this page for help with financial aid, on-campus housing, student orientation, parking permits, and more.
  • Submit any missing application documents. To find out if you have missing items, log into Galaxy and click on Orion Student Center. On the right side of the page, look for items under Holds and To Do List. Click on the items to learn more.
  • International students MUST attend the ISSO (International Student Services Office) orientation in order to be able to register for classes. We strongly suggest you to attend the ISSO orientation as early as possible, at least 3-4 weeks before classes start. Attending ISSO orientation early, allows you to enroll to your classes before they become full and close.
  • Note: when you join the MS Accounting program as a new student for a first time, there will be a departmental hold on your application. Therefore, you will not be able to register classes until you meet with an academic advisor.

Tuition and Fees

Texas residency is not based on citizenship. It is based on when you moved to the state and how long you have continuously resided here. Please visit Residency for detailed information.

Tuition at UT Dallas is on a sliding scale. The more semester credit hours you take a semester, the cheaper the semester credit hours are, and the sooner you finish the degree, therefore, the lower the total cost of the degree. Students taking online courses will pay $80 per semester credit hour distance learning fee in addition to regular semester credit hour fees.

UT Dallas also offers a guaranteed tuition plan, so whatever the semester credit hour rate is when you come into your program that will not change during your program. Payment plans for tuition and short-term loans are available. Please visit UT Dallas Bursar’s Office for complete details.


We offer the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship program for new and returning students.This is our primary means of supporting our graduate students financially. This is a competitive scholarship program and the main criterion for new students joining the program is based on high GMAT or GRE score and GPA.

The scholarship provides you with $1,000 (one-time for the year) and in-state-tuition for the entire year. This means that international students will pay the same tuition as our Texas resident/US citizens. So, we encourage you to apply for the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship.

In addition to scholarships, US citizens may apply for financial aid through the UT Dallas Financial Aid Office.

For more information please visit accounting-specific scholarships.