Management Magazine Spring 2016

Management Magazine
Spring 2016

JSOM External Affairs Contacts

Diane S. McNulty, PhD Associate Dean, External Affairs
(972)-883-2741JSOM 4.619
Erica Yaeger Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Relations
(972)-883-5855JSOM 12.510A
Laura Madden Director of Corporate Relations
(972)-883-5052JSOM 12.510C
Ana Rodriguez Director, Development and Alumni Relations
(972)-883-6298JSOM 12.510
Holly Rio Director of Corporate Relations
(972)-883-5030JSOM 4.629
Jasmine Carter Director of Alumni Relations
(972)-883-5884JSOM 12.510D
Kristine A. Imherr Communications, News and Public Relations Director
(972)-883-4793JSOM 4.627
Brittany Huber Director, Development and Alumni Relations
(972)-883-5936JSOM 12.510B
Jimmie Markham Communications Manager
(972)-883-5079JSOM 4.615
  Director of Marketing
(972)-883-5884JSOM 4.628
Brittany Hoover Magelssen Communications Manager
(972)-883-4357JSOM 12.510G
Jeanne Spreier Marketing Coordinator
(972)-883-5987 JSOM 12.510E
  Assistant Director of Endowments
Marilyn F. Bechtol Administrative Services Officer
(972)-883-2741JSOM 4.618