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Autumn 2017

Jindal Art Collection

A growing trend among top-tier business schools is integrating art to enhance the educational experience. The Jindal School provides an engaging, intellectual learning environment that broadens perspective, stimulates originality and creativity, and encourages innovation. Art is a catalyst for ingenuity and entrepreneurship—key factors for a successful career in business.

The Jindal Art Collection features a collection of both contributed and commissioned pieces utilizing various art forms, including photography, sculpture and painting. Art gifts from alumni, faculty and friends began the collection and provided the impetus to assemble permanently displayed works that students will enjoy on a daily basis. The collection reflects the diverse culture and educational endeavors of the faculty, staff, alumni and students at the Jindal School.

Please support the Jindal School’s initiative to advance creativity and innovation in a world-class business education.

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Artistic Impressions of Management

Golden Flower, Bowman

Golden Flower, sculpture by Dallas artist
Jim Bowman

In 2014, Jindal School alumni, faculty, staff, corporate supporters, community friends and local artists gathered at the school to celebrate the intersection of art and business.

Proceeds from the Artistic Impressions of Management event were used to commission a glass sculpture for the Jindal Art Collection. The sculpture was installed in the atrium of the Jindal School addition, which opened in August 2014. With vibrant colors and varying sizes of molded glass, the sculpture is a visual display of exploration and innovation.

Jim Bowman, a local artist who has been developing expressions in glass since 1978, designed the glass sculpture, which he named Golden Flower, for the new school addition.

Featured Artists from Artistic Impressions of Management:

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Other noteworthy pieces currently in the Jindal collection include:

Oil on Canvas (Landscape No. 1), Jon Flaming

Big Bend, a 23-foot-tall, 5,000-pound steel sculpture by Dallas artist Mac Whitney, resides on the lawn north of the Jindal School’s Executive Education wing.

Wise, Brad Oldham

Wise, a mirror/polished stainless steel sculpture by Dallas artist Brad Oldham located in the Jindal School courtyard. Wise has inspired the Dean’s Council to recognize student, faculty and staff success by awarding Owlie statuettes each spring.

Three Squiggles, Janet McGreal

Three Squigglies, a bronze statue by Dallas- and San Francisco-based artist Janet McGreal, graces the southwest atrium of the Jindal School.

Great Potential, Bran Oldham

Great Potential, three bronze acorns by Dallas artist Brad Oldham, is an installation in the courtyard between original Jindal School building and the atrium of its new addition.

Oil on Canvas (Landscape No. 1), Jon Flaming

Oil on Canvas (Landscape No. 1), a painting by Richardson artist Jon Flaming, hangs in the hallway outside the Jindal School Dean’s Suite.

TDavidow Collection

Works from the Davidow Collection, including this untitled painting, a 1996 acrylic on canvas by Ludwig Schwarz, hang throughout the Jindal School.